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Italian Bed Linen Sheets Duvet Cover Duchess Blackened

”The Duchess”- Italian Linen Sheets


Made with a Pure Linen ... Combine the splendid colors with great sensitivity: Natural White, Blackened Pearl and Turtledove. Radici is a large weight linen fabric with large heights (h.305 cm.), A SPLENDID fabric of absolute modernity and topicality.

Italian Bed Linen Duvet Cover Duchess Turledove

Linen Pillowcases “The Duchess”


Linen Pillowcase handmade from 100% Italian soft touch linen are a core product of Marini & Gerardi’s bed linen collection. Available in a thre colours Blackened Pearl Turtledove e White, layer up linen pillowcases tonally or contrast punchy brights for bedscaping at its most creative.

Italian Linen Bedding Small Stripe For Sheet Volcanic Ash Pentagram

Linen sheet sets “The Dunes”


Set of linen sheets, cool in summer and warm during icy winter nights. We have this wonderful crumpled linen fabric both in large or narrow stripes but also in a single colour. The set includes the sheets below, the sheets above and two pillowcases 50 x 80 cm.