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Best Italian Cushions Covers Linguine Yute Organdie

“LINGUINE” Cushion Cover

19,90 incl. tax

Cuscion Coversin Organza and Jute. "LINGUINE" cushion in size 50x50 cm is a cushion in a timeless design that closes with a hidden zipper at the bottom. Is made in natural fabrics,Yuta with colored Organza .

Curtains -by Marini & Gerardi Curtains.

4 Columns – Embroidered Curtains

Embroidered Curtains and Drapes. Linen on natural linen. The base of the curtain is made of cream-coloured, crumpled linen of the highest quality. A simply unique curtain, rich but essential and modern. In minimalist style thanks to its clean lines, when you see it and touch it.
Luxury Natural Linen Tablecloths Ecru Melissano

Custom Linen Tablecloths “Melissano”


The queen of the collection of elegant tablecloths of wrinkled linen, refined and luxury, made in Italy. "Melissano" is the right tablecloth for every occasion, created for an elegant and attentive to details kitchen.

Modern Liinen Tablecloths Deco Italinan Design Blue White



Tablecloth inspired by vintage made in Italy with essential geometric shapes, with base available in two combinations or shades of color with contrasting Déco edge overlaid. Base in pure 100% linen fabric of great value and fabric with a full-bodied and delicate touch.

Linen Tablecloth Runners Blu Avio Heavenly Color Amsterdam

Duble Color Linen Tablecloths “Amsterdam”


A Natural linen tablecloth, Italian fabric with a dense, well-structured weave with a smooth finish for a pleasant feel to the touch.Traditional finish with a single border of at least 2.5 cm.

Tablecloths Orange Grey Dublino

Edged Linen Tablecloth “Dublino”


Elegant linen tablecloths with a dense and well-structured texture. This contrasting bi-color tablecloth has a 15 cm border with the colors selected by us that make this product unique.

Embroidered Linen Tablecloth

Embroidered Linen Tablecloth “AGRIGENTO”


For the series of high quality Embroidered Linen Tablecloths, Agrigento imposes a note of classicism, in a simple and absolutely original key. The time has come to give your dining room the original touch of style, which distinguishes a monotonous and flat room from a full and fascinating one.

Linen Tablecloth Pistachio Rotten Green Color 01

Extra Long Tablecloths “EINDHOVEN”


This custom-made tablecloth is available in two different combinations of colors and shades. Personalized tablecloth, 100% high quality raw linen fabric made in Italy, and adapted for any environment.

Home Linen Tablecloths White And Jeans Parisien

Handmade Tableclos “THE PARISIAN”


The Holiday Tablecloth, inspired by a pleasant walk along the beautiful and wide boulevard, with charming cafés and restaurants. The pana-colored base and the nine-colored Volant make it unique in its kind.