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Palet Color Raw Canvas Linen Tela Cruda

The Best Rough Linen Fabric for Interior


Best rough Linen Fabric: at the touch, soft but strong and with a solid structure. 100% pure linen of great value and tight weave quality with a visible, luminous, full-bodied and pleasant to the touch mesh structure. Tempera colors.

Shantung Silk Fabric Colours

“Shantung”- Gorgeous Silk Fabrics


High quality Shantung silk fabric for clothing and furnishings.Set of great value and quality and yarn-dyed with a dense weave with a thin, soft, luminous touch with a full-bodied and delicate touch.

Weightless Linen Curtain Panels Fabric Cream Emerald Gold Wine Red

Home Luxury Fabrics “Canapone”


Luxury Linen Fabric, ideal for elegant curtains. 100% pure linen of great value and quality. With a fine weave visible, bright, elegant, full-bodied and pleasant to the touch, it is perfectly suited to different styles of decoration.

The Rock Leather Linen Fabric Classic For Upholstery Curtains

“The Rock”- Top Linen for Upholstery


Upholstery Linen Fabrics. Exceptional quality linen. Extra strong and soft linen, this fabric with Stone Washed is also called the "Aristocrat". A linen Ideal for upholstery, tablecloths, interior decorations and any type of upholstery.

Rustic linen fabric Natural Natural White & Natural Rough- Naked Rough Italian Linen

Rustic Linen Fabric “Naked & Rough”


Rustic linen fabric of great value and quality with a tight weave with a visible net structure. Some knots, scratchy, full-bodied, crunchy but pleasant to the touch. Linen fabric in 2 colors: natural linen and cream color.

Sophisticated Italin Linen For Curtains White Salento FF300

The Top of Linen “SALENTO FF300”


Natural fabric for curtains is a linen fabric of great value and quality, made in Italy. Dyed in yarn with a dense, luminous, full-bodied and delicate texture. A treasure labeled "Master OF Linen"

Sofa Upholstery Linen Fabric By Metre Italian Perfect Storm

Tapestry Fabric “Perfect Storm”


Super abrasion resistant polyvalent upholstery fabric. Ideal for curtains, drapes, sofas, armchairs, chairs, cushions and modern interior decoration.. With a base made of three materials: linen, cotton and soft polyamide, this fabric is one of the best in the furniture industry.

Stain Resistant Tablecloths

Stain Resistant Linen Fabric


Stain resistant linen fabrics for tablecloths, linen in fresh colours for a modern home. Stop the stains, clean immediately with a sponge! Linen tablecloth ideal for drinking a good glass of wine without fear of dripping.

Furnishing Linen Fabric Crumpled Linen Curtains And Bed Sheets White

“Acaja”- Soft Touch Linen For Furnishing


Top-quality furnishing linen fabric. 100% Pure Linen fabric made in Italy, lightly wrinkled and of great value and quality, well-structured texture with a soft finish for a pleasant sensation to the touch