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Fabric Jacquard Cabinet Chairs Sofas Armchairs With Table Assoon Copping In Living Room

“Jacquard”- Top Interior Fabrics for Upholstery


Upholstery Linen Fabrics. Exceptional quality linen. Extra strong and soft linen, this fabric with Stone Washed is also called the "Aristocrat". A linen Ideal for upholstery, interior decorations and any type of upholstery.

Stone Washed Linen Petroleum Color Italian Quality

The Best Fabric “Lord Byron”


Pure linen fabric, certified "Master of Linen". Lord Byron's weaving is thick and strong. It is a luminous fabric of great visual impact. It can be used for tablecloth curtains, but especially for bed linen.

Italian Linen Stripe Fabric Rose Wine Pentagram

“The Dunes”- Best Natural Bed Linens Fabrics


linen bedding fabric. A crumpled, yarn-dyed natural linen fabric. A timeless classic ...! top quality fabric for your bedroom. Its natural colors make it ideal for any bedding collection. Always feel free to mix and match.

Linen Fabrics White Natural Color Barocco 01

Home Textile “Baroque”


We have this extraordinary italian fabric in two colors, ultra white and natural raw. Not for nothing we called it BAROCCO, because we consider it a very important and prestigious fabric, which makes your home fascinating and alive.

tapestry fabrics fuchsia sea flowers

“Sea Flowers” Interior Upholstery Fabrics


Interior Upholstery Fabrics a collection dedicated and inspired by nature. Water green colour Turquoise. This tapestry fabrics in linen & viscose in soft touch and its features make it ideal for curtains, tablecloths, beds, sofas, seat covers, decorative cushions.

Linen Fabric For Upholstery Powder Breath Of Freedom

“Breath of Freedom”- Upholstery Textiles


Soft Touch upholstery fabric. Linen 55% Viscose 45%. We strongly recommend this natural and indestructible upholstery Linen and Viscose Fabrics for Curtains, Tablecloths, Bed, Armchair Cover, Sofas and Decorative Pillows.

Italian Linen Fabric Rows Gray Light For Curtains Tablecloths 02

Welspun Home Textile “Andalucia”


Its natural color makes it ideal for any use in furnishing. This marvelous striped fabric with a unique color, dresses your home with a classic look and full of freshness.

Floral Print Fabric for upholstery

Floral Tapestry Fabric “Queen Flawer”


A colorful GUACHE fabric, for houses that breathe. In Linen & Viscose, an ideal fabric to give your bed or your living room freshness and practicality, brilliance, ease of care, stability, strength and color.

Armchair With Linen Fabric Flowers Botticelli Spring Grey

Upholstery Fabrics “BOTTICELLI SPRING”


Upholstery Fabrics, exclusively with natural fibres. A beautiful and indestructible fabric. Its features make it ideal for curtains, beds, sofas and armchairs and decorative pillows