Stain Resistant Tablecloths

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Stain resistant fabric for tablecloths, linen in fresh colors for a modern home. Stop the stains, clean immediately with a sponge! Linen tablecloth ideal for drinking a good glass of wine without fear of dripping.

Crisp Lightweight Pure Linen Gauze Fabric For Curtains Duomo 11

“DUOMO -11”


But when it comes to elegance ...! This fabric for curtains is as chic as it is simple and essential. A living room or bedroom furnished with this legero linen fabric is pure poetry and simplicity.

Weightless Linen Curtain Panels Fabric Cream Emerald Gold Wine Red



Luxury fabric. 100% pure linen of great value and quality. Wth a fine weave visible, bright, elegant, full-bodied and pleasant to the touch, it is perfectly suited to different styles of decoration.

Gauze Fabric Curtains Stripe Masseria #1



This panna cotta colored fabric, in wrinkled linen gauze, speaks for itself. it is pure poetry and simplicity. A true elixir of beauty for your home. Masseria One, is a perfect fabric in every season of life.

Rustic linen fabric Natural Natural White & Natural Rough- Naked Rough Italian Linen



Rustic linen fabric of great value and quality with a tight weave with a visible net structure. Some knots, scratchy, full-bodied, crunchy but pleasant to the touch. Linen fabric in 2 colors: natural linen and cream color.

Sofa Upholstery Linen Fabric By Metre Italian Perfect Storm



Upholstery fabric in super abrasion resistant polyester. Ideal for sofas and heavy blankets. With a base made up of three materials: linen, cotton and soft polyamide, this fabric is one of the best in the furnishing sector.

linen fabric curtains upholstery light blue queen flowers



A colorful GUACHE fabric, for houses that breathe. In Linen & Viscose, an ideal fabric to give your bed or your living room freshness and practicality, brilliance, ease of care, stability, strength and color.

rooth pure linen combination Bedding Fabric colorors



Bedding Fabric. Ideal for bed linen and for important tablecloths. This thick but soft fabric that is pleasant to the touch will give your home elegance and charm like never before.

Palet Color Raw Canvas Linen Tela Cruda



At the touch, soft but strong and with a solid structure. 100% pure linen of great value and tight weave quality with a visible, luminous, full-bodied and pleasant to the touch mesh structure. Tempera colors.

Italian Linen Fabrics For Drapery Panels Streaked Colours



Striped Fabric 100% linen, yarn-dyed - for a delightfully elegant and seductive design. A combination of striped fabric with brushed tempera colors. It is possible to make curtains in combination with other linen fabrics or tablecloth borders.

tapestry fabrics fuchsia sea flowers

“Sea Flowers” Upholstery Fabrics


Tapestry Fabrics a collection dedicated and inspired by nature. Water green colour Turquoise. This tapestry fabrics in linen & viscose in soft touch and its features make it ideal for curtains, tablecloths, beds, sofas, seat covers, decorative cushions.

Flax Linen Fabrics Canary White For Curtains



Natural fabric. Versatile and suggestive soft linen, suitable for any use for a colorful and creative home. Recommended for curtains to make your home elegant, bright and all natural.

Linen fabric for furnishing

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Collection of furnishing fabrics in pure linen made in Italy. For Marini & Gerardi, design represents the soul of each new collection. For us, the term “design” has a very broad meaning, and at the same time very concrete. Wide because it touches the entire creative and productive process of the fabric and products, from design to colour, to weaving, a style that envelops and involves, a design that creates environments and atmospheres. In a world that is increasingly interconnected and multifaceted, in which fabrics are becoming increasingly important in furnishing choices, trends and styles are constantly multiplying and merging, the desire for wraparound and protective fabrics that give well-being, intimacy and peace with patterns or Jacquard designs that have the same appeal as plain colours and the coolest minimalism; natural fibres (from linen to cotton and silk) are proposed by us as a lifestyle in a truly wide colour palette.

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Why the Linen?

The advantages of using linen in our homes are so many that it would be impossible to list them all. Here are a few key points in the choice of household linen. Linen is a completely natural fabric that has been used for thousands of years. The most important characteristics of linen are: Hypoallergenic, thanks to the natural fibres and the production process. Antibacterial, it is one of the purest fabrics available everywhere. Linen is the only natural fibre accepted internally in the human body. It is thermoregulatory, insulating in the cold, cool and breathable in the heat. Air-permeability, linen breathes naturally and offers breathability and superior comfort. Absorbent, hygroscopic, it quickly absorbs and releases moisture. Resistant, it has up to three times the strength of cotton and wool. Linen is one of the few fabrics that improves with age. It becomes softer, smoother and brighter. Now imagine how comfortable it would be for your bedding!

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Linen fabric flax shop

Dress up the house in flax. Let’s talk about linen, a strong, tenacious and resistant fabric where the rules to write are few and simple to enjoy something so beautiful and precious. LINO Marini & Gerardi will give you a feeling of freshness, naturalness, cleanliness and lightness but above all elegance to feel immersed in a climate linked to our traditions. We love to build a “Simple” House in your image and likeness, where you can retrace ancient feelings and emotions, because ours is a matter of ideas, competence and ability to interpret. In order to intercept such multiform and heterogeneous tastes and to respond with winning commercial proposals, Marini & Gerardi relies on its experience, capable of transforming the raw material into products that have always received the approval of the international market. Our idea CASA is based on the concept of eco-sustainability, love for nature and beauty, a product of High Fashion. Our linen fabrics are produced in Salento.