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Decorative Cushions Cover ”JACQUARD”


Decorative cushions cover for home furnishing. In Mixed Linen ''JACQUARD'' line collection elegant and practical cushion for Bed decoration, Sofas, Upholstered Chairs. Cushion finish: traditional with a simple book-like border of at least 2.5 cm.

Jute and Organza Cushions “The Braids”

19,90 incl. tax

Unique furnishing cushions cover in soft jute fabric and natural and resistant organza. "Le Trecce" currently available in 4 colors that are regularly updated to allow you to coordinate them with the decor of your home.

Organza & Juta Cushions Cover “Linguine”

19,90 incl. tax

Organza & Juta Cushions Cover. "LINGUINE" cushion in size 50x50 cm is a cushion in a timeless design that closes with a hidden zipper at the bottom. Is made in natural fabrics,Yuta with coloured Organza.

Stylish & Unique Cushions ”Boutique”

19,90 incl. tax

Stylish & Unique cushions collection "Boutique", adds a touch of style to your home. This line made with natural Jute fabric with overlapping elements of rope and wooden.