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Duble Color Linen Tablecloths “Amsterdam”


A Natural linen tablecloth, Italian fabric with a dense, well-structured weave with a smooth finish for a pleasant feel to the touch.Traditional finish with a single border of at least 2.5 cm.

Embroidered Linen Tablecloth “AGRIGENTO”


For the series of high quality Embroidered Linen Tablecloths, Agrigento imposes a note of classicism, in a simple and absolutely original key. The time has come to give your dining room the original touch of style, which distinguishes a monotonous and flat room from a full and fascinating one.

Extra Long Linen Tablecloths “Eindhoven”


This handmade extra-long tablecloth is available in two different combinations of colors and shades. Personalized tablecloth, 100% high-quality raw linen fabric made in Italy, and adapted for any environment.

Handmade Tableclos “THE PARISIAN”


The Holiday Tablecloth, inspired by a pleasant walk along the beautiful and wide boulevard, with charming cafés and restaurants. The pana-colored base and the nine-colored Volant make it unique in its kind.

Single Color Linen Tablecloths “Barcellona”


Spring tablecloths, well structured with a shaved finish for a soft and pleasant feel to the touch. A pure linen tablecloth one that can be as elegant as it is informal, truly exclusive for a refined gift to make or to receive.

Table Cover “Perugia”


Modern linen tablecloths.Made with 100% linen fabric. Traditional finish with at least 20 cm applied edge. 3 cm hem | The colors selected for you make this product unique.

Table Cover “Siviglia”


Custom table cover, colored tablecloth a combination of modernity and simplicity. Made with a 100% pure and high quality fabric based on pure linen, which gives a casual chic tone, with a full-bodied and delicate touch.