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“Stockholm” Rough linen tablecloth


For the series of White Linen tablecloths, we have created for you "STOCKHOLM" The beautiful and unsurpassed tablecloth in pure white linen Traditional finish with border applied in double fabric of at least 15 cm with horizontal stripes

Edged Linen Tablecloth “Dublino”


Elegant linen tablecloths with a dense and well-structured texture. This contrasting bi-color tablecloth has a 15 cm border with the colors selected by us that make this product unique.

Linen Table Cloths “The sweet life”


The Holiday linen stain-resistant Tablecloth, inspired by a pleasant walk along the beautiful and wide boulevard, with charming cafés and restaurants. The pana-colored base and the nine-colored Volant make it unique in its kind.

Stain Resistant tablecloth “Roman Holidays”


Linen tablecloths with flowers flounce, stain-resistant tablecloth Beautiful and functional ... of modernity and absolute freshness. From today, cleaning with a sponge is easy! Ideal tablecloths for drinking a glass of good wine without fear of dripping.

The Tablecloths “Nashville Country”


COUNTRY linen tablecloths. Available in two color combinations, simple but elegant, it immediately catches the attention giving the right warmth to your table

Vintage Déco Tablecloths


Tablecloth inspired by vintage made in Italy with essential geometric shapes, with base available in two combinations or shades of color with contrasting Déco edge overlaid. Base in pure 100% linen fabric of great value and fabric with a full-bodied and delicate touch.