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“Collepasso” Linen Curtain


Natural linen curtains. Very attractive curtain made in pure Linen textile, with the application of the strips in the top of the curtain, and groups of three leaves for the whole height of it. An original and unique design by Marini and Gerardi.


“Nefertari” Striped Curtains


Composite pure linen sheer curtain with striped applications. Our creators have chosen, wrinkled pure linen fabric for this tent and have made this wonderful sheer curtain.

4 Columns – Embroidered Curtains


Embroidered Curtains and Curtains. Linen on natural linen. The base of the curtain is made of cream-coloured, crumpled linen of the highest quality. A simply unique curtain, rich but essential and modern. In minimalist style thanks to its clean lines, when you see it and touch it.