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“Sunset”- Linen Duvet Cover Set


Linen duvet cover set Rose Wine Color, with the flap of 40 cm. The top side of the duvet cover is in narrow or large stripes, while the bottom side is in a single colour. In the set are also included 2 pillowcases with the same weave and colour.

Handmade Linen Duvet Cover “The Duchess”


Duvet cover Double face with buttons closure and with n. 6 color contrast inserts. Terra Umbra double-sided base with inserts, in Tortora solid color on the back. Colors can be combined: double-sided or plain, one side with inserts.

Linen Duvet Cover Sets “Lord Byron”


Packaged with stone-washed linen of superior quality. Soft and crumpled linen that makes this product wonderful. The closure of this Duvet Cover Set is made with buttons and flap.

New Linen Duvet Cover “Endless One”


Top quality fabric, which combines the whiteness of a white or cream base, with a contemporary handkerchief in linen froissè that changes the traditional grandmother's bed and projects it into the future

The Linen Duvet Cover “BASIC”


Duvet cover with high quality crumpled linen fabric, which combines the whiteness of the white or cream base with a contemporary linen cloth cover that projects your traditional bed in the future. Our duvet cover is easy to maintain, thoroughly washed in a washing machine and no ironing required.