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“Stockholm” Rough linen tablecloth


For the series of White Linen tablecloths, we have created for you "STOCKHOLM" The beautiful and unsurpassed tablecloth in pure white linen Traditional finish with border applied in double fabric of at least 15 cm with horizontal stripes

Edged Linen Tablecloth “Dublino”


Elegant linen tablecloths with a dense and well-structured texture. This contrasting bi-color tablecloth has a 15 cm border with the colors selected by us that make this product unique.

Tailored linen tablecloth “Rotterdam”


Tailored linen tablecloth. The charm of raw linen is its texture, they are unparalleled and unique. We called it "rough linen" because it is a fresh and natural fiber, a refined and elegant product that gives a touch of exclusivity to all the most classic uses.

The Tablecloths “Nashville Country”


COUNTRY linen tablecloths. Available in two color combinations, simple but elegant, it immediately catches the attention giving the right warmth to your table