“COLLEPASSO” Natural linen curtain


The natural linen tent is beautiful and modern. Remember that the ideal fabric for the curtains is the high-quality linen of Marini & Gerardi because nothing is left to chance.


“DESERT ROSE” Linen curtain panels

Decorate your home with our modern and original room curtains! Curtains with vertical strips in pure linen, with light and eye-catching colors of great visual impact. An important and intense fabric with nuances, personality and character.
Highest quality flax drape

“ISLA MARGARITA” The Quality Curtain


Reorganize your space with these extraordinary Top Quality  bedroom linen curtains, which combine with a great sensitivity to color with a floral composition in Guache color and for the first two thirds up to the cream-colored base.


“LA GRECA” Living Room Curtains


This is a simple and fresh look for windows. Sartorial product made of pure linen fabric, with a fresh and young imposition, model made with horizontal leaves applied centrally


“NOCIGLIA” The Quality Italian Curtain


Linen Drapes. sartorial product made of pure fabric.With a fresh and youthful imposition, from the romantic mood, model with central leaves applied manually in vertical.


” NEFERTARI” Linen Sheer Curtain


Composite pure linen sheer curtain with striped applications. Our creators have chosen, a wrinkled pure linen fabric for this tent and have made this wonderful sheer curtain.

The Italian Linen Panelas
For elegant and bright interiors

Linen Panels

As we furnish our homes, we realise that it is often the small details that make the difference, that give the environment a unique image rich in personality. And just as we like to change our look, the doors and windows of our house also have to and can get dressed again thanks to our beautiful curtains. The quality of our Linen goes hand in hand with our Design, and our prices a guarantee of absolute convenience. Light, bright, romantic, versatile, curtains curtains linen panels are at the forefront for a factor of elegance and good taste.

Pure Linen Italian Curtains

Natural Linen Drapes

Linen curtains harmoniously adorn the windows of any room, giving your home a touch of refined elegance. Our linen curtains are essential and bright as they say to Italian design or romantic and charming, like an eternal spring.Natural Linen Drapes: for a rediscovery of our traditions, a lot of love for nature, love for simple things, a real passion, for an all-natural wellness. Linen curtains, without any problem, will fit harmoniously into the furnishings of every room with a different style.

Your satisfaction is our goal

Not only Curtains

It’s time to make choices! We do not recommend or select Linen Fabrics, Curtains or Home Linen….. but we identify and create the true “mood” of the “Natural” home inspired by our experience. We love to build a “Simple” House in your image and likeness where it traces ancient sensations and emotions projected into the future: because ours is a matter of ideas, competence, preparation and ability to interpret. If you need more information, MARINI & GERARDI Shop On-Line is always live with you.


When measuring curtains, we recommend doubling the desired width to form waves in the right amount even when the linen curtains are closed. You can choose between two width options or request a custom size. If you need a different color scheme, we will be happy to do it for you, just leave a note at the time of purchase.