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The 2020 Collection - The highest quality Textile .

Linen Textile - Linen Fabrics

Fabric Linen Textile.

Dress up the house in flax. Let’s talk about linen, a strong, tenacious and resistant fabrics where the rules to write are few and simple to enjoy something so beautiful and precious.  Linen, fabric, Linen fabrics, Fax Store Online, Italian fabric.

NO STRESS – Stain Resistant Linen Fabric


Stain resistant linen fabrics for tablecloths, linen in fresh colours for a modern home. Stop the stains, clean immediately with a sponge! Linen tablecloth ideal for drinking a good glass of wine without fear of dripping.

“THE CLOUD”- Coloured Semitransparent Linen Fabrics


Natural linen fabric. Versatile and suggestive soft linen, suitable for any use for a colourful and creative home. Recommended for curtains to make your home elegant, bright and all-natural.

“The Dunes”- Best Natural Bed Linens Fabrics


linen bedding fabric. A crumpled, yarn-dyed natural linen fabric. A timeless classic ...! top quality fabric for your bedroom. Its natural colors make it ideal for any bedding collection. Always feel free to mix and match.

“The Rock”- Top Linen for Upholstery


Upholstery Linen Fabrics. Exceptional quality linen. Extra strong and soft linen, this fabric with Stone Washed is also called the "Aristocrat". A linen Ideal for upholstery, tablecloths, interior decorations and any type of upholstery.

“West Coast”- Checkered pattern linen fabric


Checkered fabric with a delicate but well-structured touch. 100% pure high-quality linen. With a yarn-dyed texture, clearly visible, delicate, soft, fresh and pleasant to the touch. Natural linen with cream-coloured squares.

ACAJA – Soft Touch Linen For Furnishing


Top-quality furnishing linen fabric. 100% Pure Linen fabric made in Italy, lightly wrinkled and of great value and quality, well-structured texture with a soft finish for a pleasant sensation to the touch

Best linen fabric for bedding & tablecloths -“Roots”


Ideal linen Fabric for Bedding And Tablecloths. A dense but soft fabric. Pleasant even to the touch, this fabric will give your home an elegant and suggestive atmosphere as you have never had before.

Breath of Freedom – Upholstery Textiles


Soft Touch upholstery fabric. Linen 55% Viscose 45%. We strongly recommend this natural and indestructible upholstery Linen and Viscose Fabrics for Curtains, Tablecloths, Bed, Armchair Cover, Sofas and Decorative Pillows.

Crumpled Linen Fabric “SALENTO CRUMPLED”


Crumpled Linen Fabric of great value and yarn-dyed quality with a dense and glossy texture with a dense and delicate iridescent color effect. This fabric is ideal for curtains and bed linen.

Curtain Fabric “DESERT ROSE”


Curtain fabric, dyed yarn in 6 colors. Pure Linen, light, bright with attractive and cool colors, an important and intense Fabric with shades between heaven and earth to give personality and character to your home.

Floral Tapestry Fabric “Queen Flawer”


A colorful GUACHE fabric, for houses that breathe. In Linen & Viscose, an ideal fabric to give your bed or your living room freshness and practicality, brilliance, ease of care, stability, strength and color.

Home Luxury Fabrics “Canapone”


Luxury Linen Fabric, ideal for elegant curtains. 100% pure linen of great value and quality. With a fine weave visible, bright, elegant, full-bodied and pleasant to the touch, it is perfectly suited to different styles of decoration.

Linen Textile - Linen Fabrics

The Best Interior Textile Linen Fabrics

A collection of pure Italian-made linen fabrics for interiors. In our common language, the term “Design” takes on a strong meaning because it concerns the entire creative and production process. But why linen? Linen because it is a completely natural fabrics. Its main properties are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, thermoregulating, air permeable, absorbent, hydro hygroscopic and long-lasting. Its resistance is up to three times higher than cotton and wool. Linen fabric is one of the few fabrics that improves with age. It becomes softer, smoother and brighter. Imagine how comfortable it would be to own your household linen all in pure linen.

Best Linen Fabric for Interior

Interior Textile Linen Fabrics

Collection of furnishing fabrics in pure Linen produced in Italy. For Marini & Gerardi design represents the soul of each new collection. For us the term “design” has a wide meaning. Wide because it touches the whole creative and productive process of the fabrics and products. From design to colour, to weaving, a style that envelops and involves, a design that creates environments and atmospheres.

Fabric Linen Textile

Why the Linen?

The benefits of using linen in our home are so many that it would not be easy to list them all. Linen is in fact and considered as a completely natural fabric. Linen is one of the few fabrics that improves with age. It becomes softer, smoother and brighter. Now imagine how comfortable it would be for bed linen!

Your satisfaction is our goal

Linen Textile - Linen Fabrics

We are talking about Linen, a strong, tenacious and resistant fabric. Our Linen fabrics and products will give you the opportunity to experience a feeling of freshness, naturalness, cleanliness but above all elegance. Ours is a matter of ideas, competence and ability of interpretation. Our home idea is based on the concept of eco-sustainability, love for nature and beauty.

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Excellent products, I purchased the" The Cloud" simply extraordinary fabrics. Arrived 1 Day Early. Thank you again.